MobileSight Surveillance Units

4G LTE Enabled

MobileSight Surveillance Units are preconfigured with 4G LTE broadband wireless cards.

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Surveillance Unit

MobileSight Stealth

The MobileSight Stealth Surveillance Unit has three (3) one-way windows which provide a 270° field of view for an internal PTZ camera undetectable from the outside. The unit is self contained, weatherproof, and provides high quality live and recorded video over wireless networks. Dimensions: 13.5"w x 15"h x 8"ds

The MobileSight Stealth Surveillance Unit configuration
options include:

  • Communications - Live and recorded video can be transmitted over Ethernet, WiFi, Broadband 3G and 4G LTE.
  • Environment - MobileSight Stealth is temperature monitored and controlled. It has been deployed in year-round temperatures ranging from 0° to over 100° F. Enclosures and internal components are ruggedized and industrial grade.
  • Live Video Resolution - Implemented cameras can provide up to 1080p HDTV and 30x optical zoom.
  • Video Distribution - Live video can be received remotely on web browsers. Live video can also be received on multi-camera view clients using a choice of compression technologies (MJPG and H264) on Windows PCs, iOS devices, and most tablets and smartphones. Live video can also be redistributed to devices using the MobileSight Cloud System.
  • Archiving - MobileSight Stealth provides internal recording capability up to 30fps. Live video can also be transmitted and archived to the MobileSight Cloud System.
  • Security - MobileSight Stealth can be implemented using highly-secure virtual private networks (VPN). In addition, the MobileSight 360 can also operate over a Private Network.
  • Multi-Camera - MobileSight Stealth is implemented with an hidden, internal, high-quality PTZ security camera.
  • Event Notification - MobileSight Stealth is capable of motion and event detection and can be configured to send images through email and SMS messages.
  • Power Options - MobileSight Stealth can be powered by 120V AC or 12 V DC from an internal battery, external battery, or solar panel. Typical configurations consist of 120V AC external power equipped with an internal 12V 7Ah internal backup battery.
  • Rapid Deployment - MobileSight Stealth is easily and rapidly mounted using multiple enclosure mounted brackets or tie-down straps—included with each unit.
  • Scalability - MobileSight Stealth is self-contained, can operate as a single unit, or as part of a multi-unit deployment.