Proven in the Field

MobileSight has been successfully deployed by law enforcement, corrections, universities, hospitals, and construction.

MobileSight software is deployed across a variety of surveillance situations; including state-wide, multi-site implementations of 1000+ cameras and 100+ users. We have developed and engineered our MobileSight Surveillance Units to meet the growing demand for a state-of-the-art, reliable, easily deployable field surveillance unit.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

MobileSight 360 Surveillance Units are installed to protect critical transportation structures. MobileSight 360 units are installed at selected locations to monitor all access to the structures. Live video is sent to MobileSight mobile monitoring stations which are monitored 24/7/365. Motion detection is enabled so that any entrance in unauthorized areas will immediately send alarms and images to the smart phones of the chain of command individuals responsible for infrastructure protection. Video is broadcast over secure broadband 3G and 4G LTE networks.

City Police Department

A large city police department uses MobileSight 360 units for rapid deployment to monitor Law Enforcement situations. MobileSight 360 Units are deployed for live monitoring (and recording) of specific areas involving all aspects of police activity and interest. The MobileSight 360 units are deployed on fixed structures such as telephone poles, light poles and buildings and are also deployed on vehicles. The MobileSight 360 units are moved to alternative locations as the law enforcement situation requires. Video is viewed live for the live monitoring situations and recorded in the MobileSight 360 Unit and the MobileSight Cloud as required. MobileSight 360 Units are also deployed for monitoring public events such as dignitary visits, parades and other city events. Live video is exported from the MobileSight 360 Units and displayed at Police Headquarters locations as required. The MobileSight 360 Units are deployed in multi unit configurations as required.


A large State University installed MobileSight on their city campus. The system is used for campus security, student dorms security, museum security and classroom security. According to the Campus Director of Security, "The MobileSight System enabled us to implement new technology cameras as well as continue to utilize our existing camera network." "The MobileSight system uses Common-of-the-Shelf products (such as Dell PCs and Hard Drive Storage Units) so we were able to install the system in our existing datacenter." "For our IT people, it is just another application." We have even use the MobileSight System to record individuals held by our security personnel for wrongdoing like a campus party. When the parents of a detainee saw the video of their son, a student, in our custody they realized that he was not being truthful about either his condition (drunk) or our proper treatment of him."

Medical Facility

MobileSight is installed in a large medical facility to include Doctor's offices as well as pharmacy operations. The MobileSight System is able to provide archived video as well as live view to all authorized users. The doctors are able to monitor almost all activities when they are off site by using MobileSight on their phones. According to a physician, "It is important to have the MobileSight cameras recording in the public areas of the doctor's offices and almost all areas of the pharmacy." "Drugs are a significant problem in society and we need to take all precautions to safeguard these mediations."

Department of Corrections

MobileSight is installed in a large prison facility. The prison was able to utilize most of their existing cameras since the MobileSight Team wrote "drivers" for these existing cameras. This amounted to considerable savings for this large project. The video at the prison can be archived for long periods of time limited only by the number of and size of the "common-of-the-shelf" hard drives installed. This prison is a high secure facility and requires the highest levels of security. The MobileSight display clients provide the necessary level of security since they do not use "browsers" which have known security exposures. The MobileSight team has been able to implement additional features to the system which are of considerable value to the Department of Corrections community. The use of the MobileSight live video on the "VPN secure" phones has enabled senior members of the prison staff to have immediate access to any situation at the facility 24/7.


MobileSight Surveillance Units are easily customized to meet your specific requirements.

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