At the Forefront of Innovation

For more than a decade, MobileSight has been at the forefront of handheld video innovation, and an industry leader in IP network video system development.

The MobileSight has developed and implemented critical-requirement video systems for over 10 years. The MobileSight team is made up of Information Technology professionals with extensive experience in software development, hardware development, wireless networking, professional security systems, handheld computing, and the capture, control and distribution of live video. We develop highly advanced designs for the capture, switching, distribution, management and control of live video over wired and wireless networks.

Recently, MobileSight developed a line of mobile video devices: The MobileSight Surveillance Units. There are three primary units in this line: MobileSight 360 Surveillance Unit, MobileSight Stealth Surveillance Unit and the MobileSight Mini Surveillance Unit. These Units were developed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and are now deployed for critical video situations for over 2 "field tested" years. To satisfy the law enforcement requirements these units are self-contained, ruggedized, easy use and quickly deployable.

MobileSight is committed to providing a broad range of video applications which are designed for large institutions as well as small business customers. MobileSight maintains a close working relationship with academic institutions and continually invests in research and development to create new video technologies for USA, Europe and worldwide customers.



MobileSight Surveillance Units are easily customized to meet your specific requirements.

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